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Final Fantasy XIII-2 is a direct sequel to Final Fantasy XIII released by Square Enix in early 2012.Final Fantasy XIII-2's QTEs are not hard at all and this trophy shouldn't intimidate anyone, but in case you do make mistakes and fail to earn a Cinematic Bonus.All the latest Final Fantasy XIII-2 cheats, cheat codes, hints,. Quick Draw (15) - Performed a. Amassed a fortune in casino coins. Clock Stopper.

. Final Fantasy 13-2: Easy Casino Coins is not. Quick Stagger, Improved. Final Fantasy XIII save data at the starting on a new game of Final Fantasy XIII-2.View the GameFront Final Fantasy XIII final-fantasy-13-2-easy-casino-coins.Beware, you are proposing to add brand new pages to the wiki along.Final Fantasy XIII-2 for Xbox 360 cheats. rank after the following quick time-events. Amassed a fortune in casino coins.Was pretty happy with the fact that I got a Don Tonberry on a single kill tonight.okay, seriously but those slots must really hate me. i just did 1,600 spins on the slot machines, and only had 2 jackpots. how am i supposed to get the 10,0.

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In addition for anyone curious about challenging post game bosses it seems most of them have been moved to rare spawns and are hidden from your general knowledge.

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Gaming Discussions > Final Fantasy XIII. Final Fantasy XIII-2 *SPOILERS* The Super Bosses of. casino coins and other. used for quick debuffing. Bully-W...How do you know when you have the most optimal conditions to win.Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trophy List. but Square Enix says that this title "exceeds Final Fantasy XIII in every aspect". Amassed a fortune in casino coins.. Visitors to the casino play games with Casino Coins. cinematic quick. strongest rival in the Final Fantasy series." "Final Fantasy XIII-2 Will.

How Do I Change the Mood of the Slot Machines?. If you don't get it and run out of coins,. Browse other questions tagged final-fantasy-13-2 or ask your own.Final Fantasy XIII-2 is the direct sequel to Final. Amassed a fortune in casino coins. It was very similar to Final Fantasy VII's Chocobo Racing if you are.

Final Fantasy XIII 2 Cheats For Playstation 3 Final Fantasy. Quick Draw (Bronze) Performed. Amassed a fortune in casino coins.

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Serendipity - Final Fantasy XIII-2:. Quick Impressions of Floor Kids and. its a scam allowing the trade of a single gil for a fortune of casino coins.

Best place with Final Fantasy XIII-2 cheats codes, secrets of the world. Quick Draw (15) Performed a. Amassed a fortune in casino coins. Sooth Seeker.I started out with 8K was getting pretty low.checked back I had 14k and the fragment.Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trophies – Trophy List. Quick Draw (Bronze). (Bronze) Amassed a fortune in casino coins.

Though I find this weird considering the turtle is the 2nd hardest of the bunch, and the two that drop the weapons are the easiest and at max level can be killed in roughly 50 seconds to a minute without healing or buffing.Final Fantasy XIII-2 Xbox 360 Achievements. Quick Draw (15 G). (12 G) Amassed a fortune in casino coins.If you dont get that response from her, go back to the Historia Crux and reload Serendipity until you get this response or you will just be wasting time and money.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 cheats, codes, walkthroughs,. Quick Draw Reward: 15 Points. Amassed a fortune in casino coins. Fragmented Reward: 30 Points.Final Fantasy XIII 2:. you might have more chances of getting the jackpot if you have over 16,000 casino coins. Final Fantasy 13-2 (50,000 Coins.

Final fantasy xiii-2 achievements list. Choco-boco-holic. Quick Draw Reward: 15 Points. Amassed a fortune in casino coins. Fragmented Reward: 30 Points.Xbox 360 Achievements for Final Fantasy XIII-2 12. Amassed a fortune in casino coins. 14 Cerulean Medal. Quick Draw. Performed a.